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Asbestos Testing Adelaide



If your Adelaide property was built before the 1990s then testing for asbestos is recommended before undertaking any renovations or building work.


Our professional and experienced asbestos testing staff can visit your Adelaide premises to safely remove samples of different materials that potentially contain asbestos. Our trained staff will assess both the interior, exterior, and outdoor areas of your Adelaide property, and take a range of samples for asbestos testing as required.


Building materials in ceilings, roofing, walls, tiles and flooring may contain asbestos and require testing. We have also identified asbestos through testing in Adelaide fences, eaves and sheds and these were usually built before stricter asbestos measures were adopted.


A MPA Asbestos Services staff member will extract a large enough sample for testing whilst keeping the area surrounding the removed material safe, to prevent disbursement of any potential harmful fibres.


While our experienced staff may suspect that a material contains asbestos, the only way to be sure is through laboratory testing. Asbestos fibres can only be conclusively identified by microscopic analysis.


Disturbing asbestos materials can be a potential health risk.So if you are unsure, we recommendusing our professional Adelaide based asbestos inspection and testing services.


Contact MPA Asbestos Services today to arrange your asbestos testing from your Adelaide home or business. Our trained asbestos staff can visit your Adelaide property in the metropolitan and surrounding areas to arrange testing, giving you piece of mind into the future.


Asbestos Testing





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